Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide

Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide In Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide, author Greg Thomas takes the reader on a trip around this beautiful state, detailing endless angling possibilites.

Looking for large rainbow and brown trout? Take Thomas’ advice and head for the North Platte River where rainbows and browns to five pounds or more can be found. Prefer native cutthroat trout in pristine surroundings with no more company than a wayward elk or deer? The author will send you to places like the Middle Fork Powder River or the Greybull River or Yellowstone’s backcountry gems, such as the Lewis River Channel, Trout Lake, and the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone. Desire to angle while drifting a river in a boat or raft? Thomas details excellent float trips along such undiscovered gems as the Newfork, Green and Encampment rivers. It’s all here, the angling possibilities of a lifetime.

Also covered in this book are Wyoming hatches, fish species, productive flies, angling techniques, seasonal variations, and access sites.

Don’t hesitate, let the ‘Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide’ help make your Yellowstone Park and Wyoming angling dreams come true.
Customer Review: Great Book!!
I bought this book and really liked it. I read the previous review, and I guess that it’s different strokes for different folks. To me, this is a great guide to the fishing possibilities within the state. It gives you enough to get you stoked up to go try a new river, or gives you the info to consider some of the small rivers you crossed over to get to the big name rivers. This book will direct you to many of the hinterland locations, and that’s what I really like in a fly fishing location type book. There are great photographs throughout. I felt like I was there.
Customer Review: Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide
I am very disappointed given the author’s work for Fly Fisherman Magazine which is excellent. The title should substitute the word “guide” to “overview with great photography”. The only map in the book is a very pretty photograph of a topo map which shows only rivers and no roads. The ledgend next to the map lists two locations, a river and a lake, with numbers assigned to them. Go to the map and you discover that number 23 (Boundary Creek) and number 30 (Lewis Lake) are not depicted on the map. Both of these editing errors are in the Yellowstone National Park area of the map. With regard to other editing errors it appears that Wordperfect 7.0 or some similar program was the proof reader. It “seems” that “seam” is the word of choice when refering to “the fish seam to like…”. Wordperfect 7.0 knows that “seem” is a legitimate word as is “seam” when used refering to the joining of two parts of breathable waders. The photography is outstanding. The author should have decided what he wanted to produce. The paper is very high quality glossy finish throughout. Perfect for high quality photographs. … for text on a “guide” to flyfishing Wyoming. The book is short on photographs if that was the intent. The book is short on details about the rivers and streams if that was the intent. I will not return the book because I can afford it however I will be going back to … for another try because I have a Wyoming trip scheduled for this coming September.

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