What You Can Do To Discover The Perfect Domain Name

By Stewart Riddle

It is pretty amazing how much of a significant difference the best domain names can have, of course you have to consider certain factors.

There is some underground type info that is part of the domain name hunting process. If you have no idea what that means, then you do not know what they are which means you should do your self a huge favor and stop searching and do not register anything yet.

You can still succeed and make money without using proven methods but it will take longer. There is much to think about before buying, and that”s why we provide these suggestions.

Most people are completely numb to the fact that they will never have a legendary domain name. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot come up with a suitable domain that is short. Finding a domain name you want that is one single word is like striking oil, it seems, but seriously, there is great value in finding a domain that is relatively short. Be careful about deciding to use numbers or even a hyphen because they create a different kind of impression on people. If the site is more or less a throw away affair, then do what you want and see what happens.

Try to make your chosen domain name as descriptive as possible. It really matters for most people to get a fast idea as to what”s up with your website or blog. The main reason for this is people are incredibly impatient on the web and it”s been like that for years. The only time you really should deviate from this is when you will be heavily branding your site. So keep in mind that people do not want mystery and intrigue when it comes to the meaning of a domain name. But the other side of the equation is helping people to recall your name because it is short and simple.

One type of website that you might consider making is called a sniper site. Used by some IMers, they are designed to be very specific. For example, the names of model numbers for particular products have been favorites and have done well. Try to avoid using the actual brand name, or the company name, in the domain itself. This is something that should always be avoided. To avoid any legal problems, this is something you need to avoid. If the company, or attorney, wants to be a hard case about it, you may have to pay fines for any infractions.

Domains names really are different in that you have to on top of current information. So you really need to be careful about what you take to be true on the web. You have to be sure you are using accurate and up to date information at all times. Just learn what you can and then take your time with domain researching.

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Linux Vs. Windows Hosting

By Mark House

When looking for a hosting company, you may run into one wall right away: Do you pick a windows hosting server or one using Linux (Unix)? The gut reaction is almost always to choose the same operating system that your PC is running. That decision process is sadly wrong.

Taking Care of the Myth.

Let us get this out of the way first: What your personal computer in your office or home is running has no bearing (normally) on what your web site hosting server runs. Your PC is set up to do a set number of tasks based totally on the requirements of your office/home environment and a server has a completely different set of tasks.

Some people are scared that they will not be able to update or access a hosting server if it is running another operating system. Web site files are, most of the time, all the same and your personal computer can access and update any hosting server using common, and usually free, tools available on the internet. So rest assured you can manipulate, alter and programme your website server from any PC.

Linux is generally more stable than windows on web servers. This is an opinion, but an educated one based on two decades of running servers. Windows servers are constantly being patched, repatched, updated to the point of insanity and the worst part is a lot of the patches that should update the server properly can bring the server smashing down. Linux, when run with the right set of extensions and control panels is comparatively stable. The disk system is customized for the internet and it can usually be restored quicker in the event of a crash. It is also infinitely customisable while Windows is pretty strict in how and what it does.

Now, based on this, you”re most likely thinking that you are going to go with Linux servers all of the time. Not so fast. There are some specific technologies which work well on windows servers. The most typical of these are web site pages running ASP. ASP is a high-end programming language and although Linux can be hacked to run it, it is native to Windows hosting servers. So if you have to use ASP, use windows. Nonetheless we would caution you to search out programming alternatives first if a programme tells you it has to use ASP. In tons of examples there are coding languages which can be used in the place of ASP code.

What do you use for simple web sites? Without question use Linux web servers. There is not any reason to ever host a simple site on a windows server, period.

Control panels are also a huge concern. If you”re doing simple web hosting, your control panel is your lifeline. We suggest using the CPANEL (WHM) control panel system and that was made for Linux platforms. It”s so good at what it does that you are going to seldom even have to see the underlying code the hosting server uses and the pain of configuration will be left to a minimum. You would like to be building your web site not figuring out how to install a device driver.

One extra thing to consider is the large number of hosting providers supporting Linux as opposed to Windows. Plenty of hosting companies offer both but take a while to ask what operating system they know more about; the answer”s always Linux. If your techs are better at something, by association you”ll be better served when you request support.

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CPanel Tutorial PRO (Starting A Brand New Web Site)

By Mark House

CPanel is the world”s most widely used hosting control panel. In part two of our series on getting started with CPanel, we concentrate on making a website from scratch with a CPanel provider. How tough is it to get started? What do you need to know? How can you get over initial hurdles?

The first step in creating any site for the first time is to breath. Realize that you won”t accomplish this in one day or one week; this is a marathon and every day you will learn more and add more. First thing is first, choose your domain name. Your domain name gives you an identity on the web. The smaller the domain the better because it is easier to enter on a browser. Make it easily to identify with your web business or products but don”t make it too long. For instance, “Best Cats in the World” possibly should be done as bestcats.com but not bestcatsintheworld.com. The longer a domain name, the more chance for a typo. Not to say that bestcats.com is available to buy. Most short names are taken on the internet, so you have to be a little creative. Go to internic.net/whois.html to check to see if a domain is owned on the internet yet.

After you have selected your domain and signed up with a CPanel hosting provider, you have got to select how you”re going to build your website. What kind of experience have you got and what software have you got? If the answer is none than make sure your hosting company has an easy builder or editor available which is a third party add-on in most CPanel configurations. These will allow you to build web sites from templates instead of from scratch. CPanel comes built in with a simple page editor nonetheless, this is for the experienced person to use and you”ve got to know file structures and how to create from scratch. The other option besides using built-in editors and simple builders is to have your own webpage design software. Any piece of software that is able to use FTP protocol can communication with a CPanel server and send files to it. The most popular (and recommended) of these software packages is named Dreamweaver.

With an editor or FTP compatible piece of software and a domain name you ought to be well on your way to getting your website up and running. After you tell your host what your domain name is your site is instantly active on the internet, albeit empty. Your job is to fill it up with the previously mentioned software programs.

A web site is not just pages though. You want other stuff to make it function like email boxes, programming scripts and databases. The CPanel control panel system offers easy to utilize e-mail box creation tools. You can make a e-mail box in 2 seconds which is then live on the web. CPanel enables you to access email from any e-mail reading program on your PC (most PCs have them built-in and will communicate with the email server), or you can use one of three available types of webmail applications that come with CPanel web host. So you do not even need email software to get your e-mail.

More advanced users will use programming scripts and databases to make advanced functions work like forums, chat systems, blogs, etc. CPanel can install many of these scripts in a single click. As you advance in your experience of CPanel, you”ll use more and more of these. Just remember, all web programming involves stages. You”ll start small and grow. Just don”t be afraid of beginning and you”ll be fine.

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How To Choose A Shared Hosting Package?

By Mark House

The type of hosting service you use is dictated by a few factors, the most significant of these are the scale of your project and your budget. The budget should be considered first because “underpaying” for an account will put you in a position where your project will most likely fail.

Think of this real world example: You”re going to move some furniture, should you pay for a compact car or a rather more expensive truck? The compact car can get you from point A to B but strapping a couch to it is going to be a little bit of a problem and in the short-term will probably result in you paying more for repairs than you would have paid for the correct vehicle. So that compact car is best when used to move 1 or 2 boxes around. It”s the exact same thing with web hosting accounts. If your project is massive, then you need to spend a little to get the return you need. If you”re just beginning or you know the size of your project is limited, then a shared web hosting plan may be justified.

Shared web hosting is simply that – Shared. There are many customers on the same server all fighting for the resources of that server. Any one customer”s actions can affect the balance of site delivery time and cpu performance for the other users on that hosting server. A good host monitors their web hosting servers closely to make certain that all of the hosting accounts are playing together nicely and, like a schoolyard monitor, are on the look-out for hosting accounts that might be abusive or not suitable for shared web hosting.

The first step in finding good shared hosting is asking hosts how many people are on their shared hosting servers and what their CPU and ram allotments are on those servers. A dual core machine with 4 gigs of ram can support about 50 users; 8 gigs of ram 100 users. A quad core with 8 gigs 150. In our view, there should never be more than 150 accounts on any one hosting server. Monitoring accounts and client interactions gets almost impossible over 150.

Hosting features are important too when choosing, but do not be swayed by features you don”t need. It is great that hosts offer unlimited e-mail boxes but if every account on a shared server utilised even 100 mailboxes fully, that server would crawl to a halt. Only request and purchase what you want.

You can always upgrade! This is an important fact. Shared hosting, unlike many other types of web hosting, is expandable. A host can add more storage space or traffic use to your account. Find out before you decide on a hosting provider what expansion plans are available because you”will” need to grow as the years go by. It is better to expand in one place than move all over.

Lastly, evaluate how long a hosting provider has been around. There are tons of hosts on the internet : too many! Some operations come and go, some belong to another hosting company, and some are fraudulent. Reputation and years in service are wonderful things to have a look at. If a hosting provider has been around a few years, it”s a safe bet that they will be around for a few more. Get hosting reviews, compare and most importantly don”t jump at the cheapest hosting plan which catches your eye. Quality is crucial.

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Prior to signing up a cheap shared hosting solution, you can search for all hosting reviews available and compare with other web hosting providers. Often you may also find out a BlueHost shared web hosting discount coupon just $3.95 dollars.

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Managed Web Hosting Vs Unmanaged Web Hosting

By Mark House

Do you need managed web hosting? The issue is not just one of cost. If you select it wrong, it may mean the difference between your site being up or permanently down. Make sure to teach yourself on the differences to make informed selections before it is much too late.

There is no any vanilla answer to what managed web hosting is because every host outlines managed web hosting as something different. You will need to read the terms of service of any managed web hosting agreement to make sure your wishes are met. Usually, it is composed of basic consumer support and basic problem fixing. The best way to understand what that means is to understand what it does not include.

Programming and programming bugs: Not covered. If you have a third party script or programme that was not created by your web host and there is a bug in the programme, typically the host will not help for free and in many cases will not help at all because of the fact that they may not have staff to address the particular problem. Exposing specific programming issues in third party programs is difficult because you have to write the original code to completely understand a program. Good hosts will still look for simply solutions if they exist, bad ones will not even try. Usually, if a web host offers a script or programme, they will support it, so it is advisable to use their programs first.

Attacks on your server: Not covered. If you come under denial of service attack that hinders the host”s data center from operating typically, the web host may opt to postpone your account. Additionally, if your programs are hacked and attack other servers, that”s your responsibility.

What is generally covered? Well, actually quite a lot. Patches and updates to your main operating software and control panel (unless you alter it and it is such a strange manner) are covered. Issues with your e-mail boxes are covered. Replacement of any server hardware is covered. Backups and recoveries are also usually covered.

The easiest way to get the bang for your managed hosting dollar is to make sure the host installs a control panel for your hosting account. If they do that, they will normally fully support and diagnose the control panel if anything goes pear-shaped with it, and since a web hosting control panels performs the majority of tasks on a web hosting account, it immediately covers you for thousands of scenarios.

When is unmanaged hosting proper? Unmanaged web hosting is only appropriate if you know how to install and manage a raw operating system and you are ready to accept the undeniable fact that when your server and site goes down, it may go down for good. Even little issues that may be fixed through managed hosting may not be solved with unmanaged web hosting. You actually need to be a tech yourself to understand how a server works so it”s just a good idea in a small number of circumstances. With so many hosts offering some level of management, it is in your best interest to find a managed host.

In closing, we will remind that the word “managed” means nothing on its own. It”s a blind word that is outlined differently at each single web hosting provider. When considering an account, make a list of things you need your web host to cover as well as the emergency events you would like the host to cover. Give your host this list and ask them to determine if everything you want is indeed covered free.

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You can find out more about the variations between managed hosting and unmanaged web hosting by visiting unmanaged hosting. You may also avail our Bluehost coupon code to get an inexpensive web hosting account at $3.95 per month.

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How Can You Select The Best Blog Web Hosting?

By Mark House

There are numerous kinds of blog software. Blogs are simple to use scripts that allow one to post updates and concepts in article format on a website. They are outlined by three main capabilities: the ability to post content with no coding knowledge, the ability to organise that content into an index that a web user can navigate immediately, and the power to make a basic site template in a few seconds.

Let us focus on one key phrase in the last paragraph: east to use. Blog software varies wildly nevertheless, if it isn”t easy to handle and operate, it is pointless. Blog writers don”t routinely have time to program as they are too busy thinking and doing, else they might programme a site from the start instead. Hence if blog software seems complicated and unmanageable, then don”t use it because it”s not doing a good job.

The most popular blog software is called WordPress and in most situations we wouldn”t say this, there is however actually no other software package you should use for easy blogging. It is open sourced and free. There are thousands of webmasters using it, giving you access to tons of forums if you have questions or anything goes wrong. It is supported by pretty much every shared host on the internet. And it”s supported by both windows and Linux servers, which is rare.

Not to say WordPress is ideal. Far from it. It is susceptible to bugs and hacks if you don”t stay update on the new version. Two things when working with WordPress: (1) backup your account and (2) keep WordPress updated at every point. When something goes wrong (and it will) an easy recovery will be the between life and death.

When looking for specific hosting for WordPress the only things you need to go looking for are MySQL support, backup support and php support. The rest, as one says, is icing on the cake because WordPress looks after the rest.

Most blog web hosting providers support one-click installs of WordPress; actually if a shared host does not offer this feature, it is extraordinarily weird indeed. The very first thing you should do after it is installed is go inside of it, find the update button and press it. Make sure you know how to update WordPress and that WordPress will update.

A flawed initial installation will customarily result in a WordPress version which can not be updated. Then take a backup of your entire account (assuming your host has backup features which each good host should). Keep on a schedule of updating and backing up once a month and you will be fine. We understand that this takes some time; nevertheless you are trading time you would normally be using to programme a site from nothing for backup time. It is still a good trade. If you do not get correct backups and do not keep WordPress update, it”ll go down and you”ll loose data.

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To discover the best blog hosting provider in the market, you may visit business hosting You can also employ a Blue Host coupons to enroll the cheapest blog hosting for just $3.95 a month.

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CPanel Tutorial PRO (Transferring A Website)

By Mark House

CPanel is the most popular hosting control panel on the internet, utilised by lots of website hosts, including BlueHost. Known for its stability and portability, we would not recommend any other control panel system on a Linux platform. In this lesson series, we examine the simplest way to create your first web site on cpanel, starting with a transfer from another hosting provider.

If you have an existing website that”s already run on CPanel and need to transfer it to a new host (for instance, if you”re transferring your account to BlueHost) there”s good news. Unlike plenty of other control systems which lock you into one supplier, CPanel is not proprietary, which suggests you can move to another web server without fear of radically messing up your website. Each web host with CPanel installed uses the same file types and file layouts, so in most situations web sites move unreservedly.

To begin the process, first identify your present PHP and MySQL versions from your old hosting company. This is mostly shown on your control panel screen in the left column. Ask your new hosting company if their system is compatible. Nearly everybody uses MySQL version 5, so you are probably all set there but PHP versions can change. Your new hosting company can mostly adjust settings for you so your scripts will work. And if you do not use PHP or MySQL in your coding, you can skip that step wholly.

Now, login to your old control panel on your old hosting company and keep an eye out for the icon called BACKUP. This icon will allow you to download a FULL CPANEL BACKUP file which includes each part of your internet site including settings, email boxes and configurations. The full backup is a handy bundle of everything in one compressed and easily restored file. If the hosting provider keeps daily backups, a button for”daily” will be present. Click on that to download. Otherwise click”generate” to generate a fresh backup file. You presently have a copy of your complete website on your PC! Simple.

Ok. Now that you have your full backup file, upload it to your new web hosting account at your new CPanel web hosting provider. As an example, if you use BlueHost you can do this by logging into your new control panel and clicking on the FILE MANAGER icon. Just remember to write down what directory you put the file in. When done contact hosting support and tell them you”ve got a CPanel backup file that requires restoration. It literally only takes support one click to revive a CPanel backup. After that is done your whole website, including email boxes, will be on your new server and good to go.

The final step is letting the internet know that your site is located on a new web server. To do this, login to whatever domain registry you registered your domain name at, and alter your domain”s”nameservers” to switch which name server your domain points toward. Your new hosting company will give you the new nameservers to enter and there are sometimes two of them. After changing this at your domain registry, allow the web a good 12 – 24 hours to repoint.

It actually is that simple to transfer with CPanel. That covered the movement of an existing site.

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To discover more about CPanel web hosting, feel free to visit affordable hosting. You may utilise a Bluehost coupon to sign up an inexpensive CPanel hosting account at $3.95 a month.

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Important Keywords Tips to Boost Your On-Page Optimisation

By Flynn Lambert

The domain name is the foundation to what you are trying to build with your online presence. Your domain can be a great asset to your business particularly if it is SEO-friendly. If you choose the right name for your website, you can get faster ranking in less time and with less effort.

Having your own domain name also makes your company look more professional. There are many sites that let you host your web site for free, however your URL will include their domain with your site as either a sub domain or sub folder. This does not appear professional and will not inspire confidence in your customer like having your own custom domain will.

It can be very important to have your theme keyword or key phrase that you are trying to target in your domain name. This is one keyword tip that the search engines consider when ranking your website.

For example – creditcards.com.au actually ranks higher then Visa and American Express.

While many sites are found initially through search engines, many sites are found through direct navigation. Therefore, it can be important to have your company name in your domain.

This can allow a visitor to remember your name and go directly to your website in the future, instead of searching through a search engine. If a potential customer has more steps to follow the less likely you will be found and the more likely that they will find a competitor.

Other tips when choosing a domain:
- Avoid relying on capital letters, domains are not case sensitive and capital letters are wasted
- Avoid intentionally misspelled words
- Avoid hyphens and dashes
- Avoid names that are too long
- Keep it very easy to spell
- Don”t use numbers to replace words, as this will only confuse anyone trying to find your site.

Domain name competition is high, so it is worthwhile buying the name you want as soon as possible, even if you don”t plan to launch a website until later down the track. There are many domain search tools to check yours is available.

Domain name checking tools number in the thousands, however most offer similar functionality. Most tools available online today allow you to find out if a domain is available while you type. This means that you can research your targeted niche while checking for domain availability. This is quite a powerful tool and can be quite effective in saving you time and therefore is a strongly recommended keyword research tip.

About The Author

Looking for great best Keyword Tips for your website? Check out Page Rank Buster today.

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DNS Affiliates Are Making Some Big Time Cash Right Now

By Jason Bacot

If you are an affiliate marketer that has not starting promoting premium Domain Name System (DNS) service packages just yet, you are without question leaving a large chunk of change on the table for somebody else to come along and collect. Like almost everything else to do with the internet, the first people that recognize an opportunity, are the ones that bring home the big money.

If you are new to the internet scene, and are looking for a way to make some money online, affiliate marketing is certainly one avenue that you should investigate. An affiliate marketer is somebody that promotes a product or service for a company that has a website. Each time you send a visitor to their site and they make a sale, you get paid a commission.

Some of the commission percentages are outstanding, and are as high as 75% of the sales price. In addition, certain companies will also pay you a commission when one of your customers renews their yearly service contract.

The reason that so many affiliates are jumping on the DNS bandwagon, is because the industry is exploding and it definitely will not slow down anytime soon. In fact, the complete opposite is going to happen as the World Wide Web adds more sites whose sole purpose is to make money online.

The reason that premium DNS packages are in such great demand now, is because it ensures that a website is always reachable. The internet now has billions upon billions of websites, and in the next decade it just might reach a trillion.

If you are a person that likes to surf the web, you want to be taken to a website instantly. If there is any delay at all, many people will not wait, and will find another site to visit. Of course, if you own a website that makes money selling a product or service to a visitor, losing traffic to your website because it loads slowly is a huge problem.

What a premium DNS service package does is that it makes certain that a website is always assessable and functioning properly. What that means to an astute affiliate marketer is that you literally have over a billion potential customers to promote this kind of service to, and billions more will become available in the next few years.

All of the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo always reward websites that are started first. Since this is a very new industry, that is only going to grow in the future expeditiously, that means there are a ton of keywords that you can target and maintain the top spot in the search engines for years to come.

Each and every one of those keywords that are related to premium DNS service packages should turn out to be real money makers. If this is the first time that you have heard of this kind of service, you should thoroughly investigate it, and determine if it has enough potential for you to invest your time and money into promoting it.

About The Author

Are you looking for more information on Managed DNS, or how about Hosted DNS? If so, then I suggest you check us out online at DNS.com immediately. You”ll be happy that you did!

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Benefits Of Using Premium Managed DNS Services

By Jason Bacot

Today, there are literally billions upon billions of websites on the World Wide Web, and each and every day millions more are being created. So, how do you ever find a site that is of interest to you, and just as importantly, how are you able to navigate to it and review its material. That is exactly where the following two internet principal namespaces come into play, and they are called the Domain Name System (DNS), and the Internet Protocol (IP) address spaces.

Now that you know that, you have to be like everybody else that is not an internet geek, and wonder exactly why these two namespaces are so important? Well, the DNS is what preserves the domain name hierarchy, and acts kind of like a translation service between it and address spaces. We have all heard of servers, well there are internet servers that maintain all of the domain names and addresses. When you visit a website, essentially there is the computer that is pointing you in the right direction.

The IP is kind of a number system that puts a label on each device that is in a network. It could place a number on a computer, printer, scanner, or anything else that you can possibly imagine that is hooked up to a network. In other words, the DNS is the name of the item we are looking for, and the IP is the address where it is located, and what tells us how to get to its location.

As we mentioned previously, the internet is expanding at an unbelievable out of control rate. Because of this, it is becoming more difficult for the visitors to navigate over it. As all webmasters know, if a potential visitor has to spend a great deal of time getting to your site, more than likely they are just going to hit the stop button, and find some other site to visit.

That is precisely why premium managed DNS services are becoming more and more popular every day. They add all kinds of tools to your system that helps you to manage it in a much more efficient and effective manner. With it, you will have access to an exceptional support staff, and your network will be more powerful, flexible, and your control over it will improve significantly.

Some of the features that it supplies are the following, a secondary DNS, which kind of acts like a backup that ensures your domain names never go down. You are able to improve your security, by requiring authenticating the origin of DNS data. You can customize your name servers by selecting your own names that map directly to it.

If you feel like your website is losing traffic and income because your potential clients are not able to get to it as quickly as they would like, then you should strongly consider starting to use a premium managed DNS service package. When you take into account their cost, verse your loss of income, they really are a no brainer to tell you the truth.

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